Wild Goose – Synopsis

I’ve always wanted to write a TV series that had the flair and scope of an Indiana Jones-style property but which was grounded in the kind of story one would see in a long-form crime magazine story. Indiana was the hero for the American century. But what about the 21st Century? America isn’t what it used to be. Now our hero is more like:


A one hour dramatic series for television. Retired Army Ranger Frank “Goose” Anser has spent his entire adult life trying to be an American hero. But he’s now over 50 and a mess: a frag grenade popped one eardrum, he’s got knees like a catcher, and he drinks on IOUs. He WAS the prototypical ’90s American action movie hero but everything has changed since then. Not even America is what it used to be. However, there are still some places a little dirty behind the ears, places international law can’t reach, where a “security consultant” (mercenary is such a dirty word) like Goose can still do some good. So that’s where he goes. Off the books.