The Wide Awakes

Young voters in 1860 were much like Gen-Z of today: they were the least racist voters in the electorate, the most scientifically educated, and the most economically progressive. In the winter of 1860, a handful of friends in Hartford started a strident political club called “The Wide Awakes” which soon spawned 2,000 chapters and 100,000 members across 20 states. Along the way, they made the nascent Republican Party into the home of America’s woke youth and pushed the Party to the left. The heart of this story is a personal narrative of the club from its beginnings, revealing one of those rare moments in America when a handful of young people actually changed the course of history.

Theorem Season 1

An ongoing mystery series following a podcaster who investigates the bizarre deaths of over 20 cold war defense scientists. THEOREM is a modern deconstruction of the conspiracy thrillers of the 1970s. A collaboration with Jake Hart and James V. Hart (Hook, Contact).

The Bitter Sea

June 1967, fourteen cargo ships get stranded in the Suez Canal’s Great Bitter Lake as war between Israel and Egypt erupts. Thus begins one of history’s most amazing and forgotten stories of survival, connection, and friendship.