Xbox Television Studios And TV’s Future

It’s really too bad about Xbox TV Studios. Nancy Tellem and XBox Television Studios seemed to be heading in the right direction:  

The company is taking the unusual step of only greenlighting shows that can be combined with the interactive components to encourage users to engage across consoles, phones and tablets. By hiring a team of young Hollywood executives and pairing them with software engineers, Microsoft wants to finally crack a code that the entertainment and game industries have had trouble doing alone.

Multi-platform storytelling. That’s the key. The internet is an interactive medium. Fact. So the posture of the audience changes.

I still hear a lot of people say the future of TV is online… but when you press them, they simply mean that TV shows will be available through the internet.

Storytelling in the internet age is storytelling that takes advantage of the internet’s defining characteristics as a medium (which young people intuitively grasp, btw). It MUST transcend old “broadcast” paradigms.

I bet 75 years ago some radio executives thought that the new invention of TV was going to feature live table reads of the same old scripts as before… instead of acted scenes with sets, locations, and VFX.

I bet the pink slips were a shock.

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