Tech and Self

Fun art installation idea about how technology can obfuscate one’s projection of self:

Cinemagram makes moving gifs of a few frames. There’s this feature where you can edit out a portion of the gif and overlay a static shot that “fills in” the deleted area. The right side of this window, for instance:

What if you can do the same thing but with a video feed? So instead of a gif of the guy walking, there could be a live video stream of a street corner?

Some artist hangs a smartphone-scannable QR code on telephone poles at street corners.

And that URL is a video feed of a nearby surveillance camera – a camera with a bird’s eye view of that corner. Live. Traffic visible in the street in the background.

And then, like cinemagram, the space where the person is standing – presumably in front of the telephone pole where the QR code is posted – is deleted out. Replaced by a static shot of the empty corner.  As if you don’t exist. As if technology makes you disappear.

That’d be pretty cool.

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