What if Coke Saved the Planet?

Considering how Copyright laws are so strictly enforced, and multinational corporations the size of Coca-Cola & Company have such control over governments, I discovered how Coke could save the world with a single piece of paper.

How you ask?

File for Trademark Damages.

Coke has trademarked a family of Polar Bears, motion captured from living bears in captivity, for use during the holidays.

If Polar Bears go extinct as many scientists are fearing, Coke can sue the EPA and the US Government for damaging its trademark by not protecting the bears existence enough so as to maintain Coke’s “Trademark’s Viability.”

Yeah, that’s a thing: “Trademark Viability.” If Coke threatened to sue the EPA for $84,000,000,000 you’d see some traction on the Kyoto Protocol.

I’d have a Coke and smile.

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