Sex Party Entrapment Project

In 1971 John Paisley began organizing sex parties in Washington. Along with CIA colleague, Donald Burton, Paisley formed the Rush River Lodge Corporation. According to Trento, “Burton and Paisley staged several sex parties at the lodge.” Those who attended these parties included politicians and journalists. Burton admitted that a “high-level Nixon appointee enjoyed tying up women and beating them” at these parties. Another person who attended was the beautiful Hana Koecher, an agent with the Czech intelligence service.

Joseph Trento argues that another regular at these parties was Carl Bernstein. “In a December 1979 telephone interview, Bernstein denied having attended any such parties. A few days later he called back to say, ‘I may have attended the parties, but I never met anyone named John Paisley’. Half a dozen Paisley intimates place Bernstein and Paisley at the same sex parties beginning as early as 1971.”

Other intelligence agents from the FBI and DOD brought press to the parties as well, including Mark Felt. This was the reason why their main source on Watergate gave himself the name Deep Throat (a popular pornographic movie at the time these events took place). Trento poses the question: “Was the fact that Bernstein was attending sex parties with the CIA’s liaison with the White House Plumbers just a coincidence, or was that how the source really obtained his name?”

Congressmen and deep cover agents often went to these parties. Including Duke Cunningham and Porter Goss.