Mullen Co and CIA Pow-Wow

Mullen President Robert Bennett reported detailed knowledge of the Watergate incident to his CIA case officer [Martin Lukasky]. The case officer’s report of this meeting was hand-written and carried to Director Helms on or before July 14, 1972, in this form because of the sensitivity of the information. It revealed that Bennett had established a “back door entry” to E.B. [Edward Bennett] Williams in order to “kill off’ revelations of the Agency’s relationship with the Mullen and Company in the course of the DNC lawsuit. He agreed to check with the CIA prior to contacting Williams. Our staff has confirmed that Bennett did funnel information to Williams via attorney Hobart Taylor and that this information was more extensive than the information Bennett had previously given the Grand Jury. The CIA has acknowledged paying one half of Bennett’s attorney’s fee for his Grand Jury appearance. These facts were not disclosed to the FBI in their Watergate Investigation.