Miami Police Friend of Plumber Frames VVAW

One week after the Watergate break-in, Pablo Fernandez offered to sell fifty machine guns to VVAW members. Fernandez’ boss, Major Adam Klimkowski of the Miami P.D. Special Investigations Section, said, “We did not want them to actually acquire the weapons…..we wanted to find out what was in the back of their minds. Pablo’s involvement with the VVAW was with our knowledge and approval.” Klimkowski later admitted that VVAW did not respond to the weapons offer, and that for all his efforts, Fernandez never brought back anything damaging on VVAW. “In fact, I guess that he (Fernandez) might make a good defense witness,” he added. Pablo tells Eugenio about the reaction.

Squad 19’s plan entailed planting a number of agent provocateurs both inside and outside the 1972 republican Convention. Agents were to infiltrate the groups planning demonstrations against the war and poverty. At the time of the demonstrations, these agents were to provoke street battle with police surrounding the convention hall. Meanwhile, agents inside the convention hall were to plant explosives timed to blow up coincidental with the riots in the streets. The purpose is to kill a number of delegates.

Could Barry Seal’s arrest on explosives charges on July 2, 1972, have had something to do with the operations of Bush’s Republican Texas money-raising squad of Hugh Liedtke, Pennzoil, and Robert Mosbacher?