Maheu and Meier Almost Team Up

Maheu and Meier were furious. Though still enemies, they now shared an even more immediate nemesis in the Mormon clique. They were convinced that an illegal coup and shamed them publically. Together they had enough information to topple the entire structure involving the Nixon White House; the Hughes empire, the CIA, and politicians from both parties who were secretly indebted to Hughes could be made public in ways that could cause a general outrage. It was an odd couple that set out to destroy the new Hughes regime. Maheu was an ex-FBI agent who worked for the CIA while on the Hughes payroll and was instrumental in creating the role of CIA front for the Hughes empire. Meier was a computer expert who was more interested in cleaning up the environment than in planting spies overseas. Maheu and Meier had probably not seen eye to eye on anything important until they came to the conclusion about Davis and Gay’s take-over of the Hughes organization. For once, their hands were forced in the same direction.