LAPD Informant Goes Public

Lous Tackwood resigned from the LAPD after he became familiar with plans for the 1972 elections, known by the name “Squad 19.” Agents of the police department were to create enough violence at the Republican National Convention that the responsibility would be demanded of the Democratic party to distance themselves from so-called radicals in the Democratic Party:

“Squad 19 was formed by CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section) and the FBI to provoke violence at the republican Convention in 1972.” It involves coordinated contingency plans under the direction of CCS and FBI.”
The plan entailed planting a number of agent provocateurs both inside and outside the 1972 republican Convention. Agents were to infiltrate the groups planning demonstrations against the war and poverty. At the time of the demonstrations, these agents were to provoke street battle with police surrounding the convention hall. Meanwhile, agents inside the convention hall were to plant explosives timed to blow up coincidental with the riots in the streets. The expected worst outcome of these explosions is an acceptable loss of a number of delegates.”
Orders came directly from the State Department of Justice, District Attorney Evelle Younger, on these special squads.”
The result would have been to create a nationwide hysteria that would then provide president Richard Nixon with the popular support necessary to declare a state of National Emergency.”
Richard Nixon would then arrest all militants and left-wing revolutionaries. He could invoke special emergency powers leading to the detention of political activists. Essentially, if necessary, martial law would be achieved before the election.”

October 17, 1971