Hunt in the Building

CIA Director Richard Helms is pushing behind the scenes to get E. Howard Hunt into a position connected with the White House in response to the Pentagon Papers having been leaked. H. R. Haldeman tells Nixon that Helms has described Hunt: “Ruthless, quiet and careful, low profile. He gets things done. He will work well with all of us. He’s very concerned about the health of the administration. His concern, he thinks, is they’re out to get us and all that, but he’s not a fanatic. We could be absolutely certain it’ll involve secrecy… .” On the same day, Charles Colson sends a memo to H. R. Haldeman with a transcript of a phone conversation he had with E. Howard Hunt the previous day—which he happened to record. Colson says: “The more I think about Howard Hunt’s background, politics, disposition and experience, the more I think it would be worth your time to meet him.”