Debrief After Fielding

Back in Washington after the Fielding Mission, in the White House basement, Krogh inspected Liddy’s knife incredulously: “Would you really have used it—I mean, kill somebody?” Of course, Liddy replied. Krogh instructed him to keep it sharp and recommended him for a salary increase. Hunt is disturbed to learn that “crazy” pays well with the guys upstairs. Room 16 gets promised more money for next jobs. Later at Mullen, the Plumbers sketched out possible future projects. Dosing Ellsberg with LSD before he spoke at a fund-raiser, during the soup course? (“A warm liquid is ideal for the rapid absorption and wide dispersal of a drug.”) Revisiting Caulfield’s Brookings firebombing plan? (Maybe they could acquire a fake D.C. fire engine, suit up their Cubans like firemen, and time the bomb to go off after hours, just as the Weathermen did—though the idea was shot down because a fire engine cost too much.) They did dry runs, scoping out with more expensive lobster and champagne “feasibility studies.”