CIA’s Gonzalez Is Assigned to Monitor Hughes-Nixon Operations

Virgino Gonzalez, an ex-CIA agent who was assigned by the agency to monitor the activities of John Meier, a former Hughes executive. Virgino Gonzalez drafted an affidavit at the time of assignment noting his objection and later had the memo executed in Mexico City.

“At the end of 1971,” Virgino Gonzalez wrote, “I was Ordered to an assignment that included monitoring the activities of John Meier and was shown a file on him… This file showed that Meier came from New York, his early business life and how he joined Hughes and evaluated the underground [nuclear] testing in Nevada. He was giving the AEC; a hard time on behalf of Hughes.” The last line reads, “I asked to be put elsewhere and was put onto Hugh Heffner [sic] for a time.”

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (the Church committee) was unable to locate Virgino Gonzalez, but they did interview Anderson who claims to have interviewed Gonzalez on his agency activities. Finally, 4/1/1975, when Virgino Gonzalez filed his affidavit, a copy was flown to Los Angeles, where Meier’s attorney, Robert Wyshak, was told in an anonymous phone call to pick it up at a hotel near the airport. Wyshak, former Assistant U.S. Attorney with experience as chief of the tax division of the Central District of California. He sent a copy to Meier and Meier sent a copy to Washington for examination by another attorney. It was intercepted en route—they believed by the CIA—and they then decided to file it in the U.S. district court in Nevada.