Caulfield Types Slow

Jack Caulfield a former NYPD “Meat Eater” as defined by the Knapp Commission, now Staff Assistant to President Nixon, has created a 12-page political espionage proposal called “Sandwedge.” Ostensibly as part of it, Anthony Ulasewicz has rented an apartment at 321 East 48th Street (Apartment 11-C), New York City. G. Gordon Liddy is given the complete “Sandwedge” plan. [NOTE: The apartment is in close proximity to the lab and school of CIA’s Cleve Backster. It provides a CIA backstopped New York address and phone. Note, too, that the reference for date of Sandwedge is a document in the National Archives titled “7/71 Sandwedge proposal,” despite most anecdotal accounts placing it later in 1971.] Part of the proposal calls for recruiting team members with regional expertise in political machines.