Against Ambient Awareness

“Our suffering comes from the fact that we are attached to the outer form that something assumes in a given instant rather than the movable conversation that stands behind it. Keeping up with what is occurring rather than lagging and getting caught in things that no longer exist, is one of the the great disciplines of life.” ~David Whyte, The Three Marriages

What Sick Is

There are TV shows about illness.
Those shows are about addicts with addictions.
Those shows are about the imbalanced with obsessive disorders.
Those other shows’ treatment of their subject matter ranges from clinical diagnosis to freakshow exploitation.

itsasickness celebrates interesting people – the most interested people in the world: the sick.

When I met my wife, it struck me that she was the most interesting person I had ever met in my life.  In our first conversation that night she geeked out about her obsessions.  At the time they were Django Reinhardt, her friend Frankie Manning, poet John Donne, the chemistry of nutrition and more.  I geeked out about my then-current obsessions which were the math of classical Indian ragas, politics, film, Salinger.  We talked all night and into the morning. I would have married her that very day. read more