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Object-Centered Networks To The Rescue

Last year I wrote about the difficulty of social networking for a purpose – vis-a-vis politics and governance.  I believe I have a solution to the problem presented in my essay, “What LinkedIn’s Reorganization and OFA 2.0 Means for Politech Online”.  The problem in a nutshell was:

Many internet theorists speak of social networks online as a ‘map of the relationships between individuals.’ Politech thinkers and online organizers like myself, have taken these principles and used them to inform the social software we built for campaigns and political advocacy organizations with mixed success. read more

itsasickness – the obsession network

itsasickness was an obsession network honoring sicknesses; the objects of our obsession.

That thing you geek out about, that you could talk about endlessly, obsessing over the minutia, that’s your sickness. The itsasickness project hinges on the fact that people who are most interested are the most interesting.

We celebrated the most extraordinary people that we found in our online obsession network with short tribute films on itsasicknessTV; Alan Cumming was the emcee.

The website itself [offline as of 3/14/15] was a proto-Pinterest website app that the TV production crew would use for story leads, research and as a branded-content feedback loop. read more

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