itsasickness – the obsession network

itsasickness was an obsession network honoring sicknesses; the objects of our obsession.

That thing you geek out about, that you could talk about endlessly, obsessing over the minutia, that’s your sickness. The itsasickness project hinges on the fact that people who are most interested are the most interesting.

We celebrated the most extraordinary people that we found in our online obsession network with short tribute films on itsasicknessTV; Alan Cumming was the emcee.

The website itself [offline as of 3/14/15] was a proto-Pinterest website app that the TV production crew would use for story leads, research and as a branded-content feedback loop.

The itsasickness project celebrated dedication to anything obsession-worthy in order to sell those things precisely because they were obsession-worthy. IAS was a vehicle for advertisers to directly target their obsessive tribes.

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